Criterio Libre, Seccional Bogota


The Magazine Criterio Libre was born at the end of 2002 as result of the decision of those who were part of  the Center of Investigations of the Faculty of Public Accountancy of the Universidad Libre de Colombia, today Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Countable Sciences, with the  absolute support of main officers of the University. 

With the publication of the second number in 2003 the ISSN 1900-0642 was assigned, deciding that the edition be a half-yearly, dates and purposes which have as of today, been complied on a strictly basis.

The object of the Magazine is the treatment and analysis of aspects related to the Administration, both prívate and public, the Accounting and the Countable Profession, the Socioeconomic Sciences in general, and of all referring to these three, and other related disciplines.

With the experience gotten, and the advance of the editions during all these years Magazine has increased its  qualifty  both in form and content and with this number considers the Publishing Committee considers the task has been successfully developed to aspire  to  its indexation.