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Dialogue of Knowledges Journal

Actulizado: Diciembre 2016

Dialogue of Knowledges Journall
The Journal DIÁLOGO DE SABERES (DIALOGUE OF KNOWLEDGES) pretends to be a dissemination organ to the Social Legal Research Centre of the faculty of Law from Universidad Libre de Bogotá. It will be published in print and digital format. It is recognized as a Scientific Specialized National Journal by Colciencias and included and indexed in the National Bibliographical Index (Publindex).

It is published twice a year, including articles in Spanish, Italian, English, French and Portuguese that are normally the result of completed investigations of national and foreign authors, in the areas of Law and Social Sciences knowledge. Articles for publication should be result of completed and unpublished research, and not being sent simultaneously to other journals. The publishable works must correspond to the classification of: (i) articles of scientific and technological research (ii) articles of reflection or (iii) articles of review, according to the definition of each of these typologies made by Publindex

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